Steam Deck Guide: 2 Ways To Find And Track All Those Verified Games

As of today, Valve has certified 520 games Verified or Playable on Steam Deck

With the number of Steam Deck Verified and Playable games passing the 500 mark today, I think it’s time for a quick guide showing how to find and track the ever-growing list for yourself!

If that doesn’t interest you, I’ll keep reporting on the major milestones. But if you’re anything like me (a Linux enthusiast and handheld gaming fan) you’ll probably want to keep mashing that refresh button on the sites listed below to see the number climb higher and higher.

The other reason I’m writing this is to combat some of the misinformation out there. I’ve seen articles at mainstream websites celebrating certain games becoming Steam Deck Verified, when in fact they’re completely unsupported for now. But I don’t believe it’s intentional misinformation. Rather, it’s a simple case of not knowing exactly how to navigate sites like ProtonDB and SteamDB.

How To Search SteamDB For Steam Deck Verified / Playable Games

SteamDB is an independent site that aggregates the enormous amount of data Valve makes available. In a nutshell, it collects all the data from Steam, and makes it easy to filter through and navigate. It’s a goldmine of fascinating information!

Want to find native Linux games under $20, featuring co-op and Remote Play Together functionality, with user ratings of 80% or higher? Here you go.

But what about finding all those Steam Deck Verified and Playable games that sites keep reporting on? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to and login using your Steam account.
  2. In the search box, click the 🔍 magnifying glass.
  3. Click the orange “Instant Search” button.
  4. Scroll down to the “Platforms” drop-down menu.
  5. Check the “Steam Deck Verified” and “Steam Deck Playable” boxes.
  6. Optionally, check the “Steam Deck Unsupported” box to see which games Valve has tested that didn’t make the cut (yet).

It’s pretty awesome to not just see these results, but to discover how much of your own library is included!

Bonus: Another Great Way To View This List

If you want the most current data possible, SteamDB is the best solution. But if you’re not concerned about timeliness and want an easier-to-navigate experience, I highly recommend this website. The author of Steam Deck Verified Games pulls and updates the list manually, but it looks so much cleaner!

The results are searchable and color-coded, making it much easier to check at a glance. And perhaps the best feature is that each game’s result presents the criteria it either met or failed.

For example:

American Truck Simulator is deemed “Playable,” because it meets the core criteria of running well, showing Steam Deck controller mapping, and having all the game’s features accessible. But for it to be “Verified” the issues with yellow exclamation points need to be addressed.

This is great info to have. I mean, if you’re playing a visual novel, that small text could be a total dealbreaker.

And that’s it! Two easy ways to stay on top of the constantly expanding Steam Deck Verified / Playable list! Thanks for reading, and stick around for lots more coverage!

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