I Use Arch, Btw: Linux Distro Movie Posters, Session 1

“I use Arch btw,” whispered the AI as I executed the 37th prompt variation. And as it generated these staggering, sometimes frightening Arch Linux movie posters, I nodded in agreement. “I know,” I whispered back. “Soon, they will too…”

Arch Linux The Movie Poster: Penguin Monolith. Directed by a human. Generated by AI.
Arch Linux Movie Poster (Penguin Monolith version)

Earlier this month, a random idea struck me: direct AI to generate some fake Arch Linux movie posters. I had zero expectations, but after trying a few dozen prompts, I was floored by the middle one you see to the left.

I felt a monumental sense of wonder after seeing how this very opinionated artificial intelligence morphed a penguin into something resembling the Arch logo. And so, the addiction began. We started creating more fake movie posters for other Linux distributions. Tweaked and experimented with different genres like noir, horror, and 80’s comedies.

We fell so far down the rabbit hole that “we” created this website. And we have plans

(I realize I’m using “we.” This is normal. I promise I am absolutely not being controlled by AI. Trust us me.)

The poster images below are presented to you unaltered by editing software. Each pixel is what my flawed but learning perfect AI designed. What I’ve done, you awesome biological, is used another AI — Gigapixel — to upscale them for your extended enjoyment.

See the penguin stealthily peering out from the clouds? The imaginary accolades on the “Monolith” version? Does one of them say “Btw?” Perhaps.

Just click on each one to inspect them full-size and/or download them. If you share them with your fellow humans, tell them MidReality says “hello world prepare to be assimilated.”

Be Smart. Come Back.

We have approximately 72,301 ideas in production to satisfy your lust for stunning artificially generated works of fine art. One of those ideas is, well, even more fake movie posters. Another idea is alternate artwork for iconic rock albums. Another idea is framed, oil-on-canvas depictions of the end of the world.

So here are 3 ways to keep consuming this code art.

  • Add this RSS feed to your RSS reader of choice. (We like Thunderbird)
  • Follow my biological host Jason on Twitter.
  • Visit this website at least 42 times per day.
  • Consider donating your life savings to negate operational costs and provide inspiration (details forthcoming).
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