AI Draws Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, But He’s A Klingon Instead

Dave Grohl has always been one of my musical heroes. And I’m a Star Trek nerd. So it was inevitable that I’d ask AI to imagine Mr. Grohl as a Klingon.

But I took it a step further. I asked my heavily opinionated artistic AI life companion assistant to draw Mr. Erik David Grohl Gr’ohl in multiple styles. What would he look like as a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, for example? Or as an angry anime character? What about in the style of Banksy?

Let’s find out! Roll the video:


I asked AI to imagine Dave Grohl of @Foo Fighters as a Klingon. In multiple styles! #fyp #ForYou #DaveGrohl #Anime #AI #Midjourney

♬ My Hero – Foo Fighters

After a few more “fake Linux Distro movie posters,” I’m planning an entire session as Dave Grohl transformed into various alien beings and historical figures. And, ofc, as all the major characters from TV’s Seinfeld.

I think I’ll call that session “The Church of Grohl.” On a related note:

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