Pink Floyd’s ‘Brain Damage’ Gets A Creepy AI-Generated Music Video

The seed for this AI Music Video featuring Pink Floyd was planted on my very first day using Midjourney. I was sitting on the balcony, sipping a coffee, and listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” At some point, I wondered what an alternate album cover would look like. Perhaps with a touch of surrealism. After a few dozen variations, a magical, mystical result:

Reimagining the album cover for Dark Side of the Moon. Buy this design.

That resulting “fake album cover” for Dark Side of the Moon ignited my imagination, just as Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage” started.

I started entertaining the idea of using Midjourney to create lyric-inspired artwork. So I plugged in a random line from the song: “The lunatic is on the grass.” (This line was a not-so-subtle nod to Syd Barrett). The output was downright creepy:

"The lunatic is on the grass." AI-generated artwork inspired by Pink Floyd.
“The lunatic is on the grass.” CREEPY!

Let’s Make A Creepy AI Music Video

With that, I furiously started some prompt-fu, working through the entire song, line by line. After sifting through hundreds of downright chilling results, I assembled the best pieces and decided to make this:

Our first AI Music Video

In total, more than 400 images were generated, and about 40 made it into the final music video.

All of the backgrounds you see behind the featured artwork were created using one single appropriate prompt: “brain damage.” Sprinkle in words like “surrealism,” and “creepy” and “disturbing,” and you’ve set the stage.

The stage for what, exactly? It’s my hope that this AI music video makes you view the song in a different light. Maybe it adds weight to the already troubling lyrics about mental illness and insanity. Maybe it shifts your perspective on how AI-generated art can be utilized.

Or maybe you simply enjoy it, and go back and listen to one of the best albums ever recorded.

Speaking Of Creepy:

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