Dogs Sitting on the Beach and Contemplating Life

This viral video was recently posted by one of my favorite Twitter accounts. And I just can’t stop thinking about what this dog on the beach is thinking about. Over the last several days, it moved me in ways that are equal parts inspiring and disturbing. Is it depressed? Fascinated? Lost? Is it simply loving the feeling of sand sliding out from under its haunches and the cool waves lapping at its paws?

The AI art here is normally driven by random acts of humanity and pop culture. But my dog Slayer (a floopy and adorable Chocolate labrador) is a huge part of my life, so why shouldn’t our canine friends serve as a source of inspiration?

With that in mind, I set out to capture at least one of the feelings this silent, thoughtful dog above might be experiencing. And I wanted to represent a snapshot in time, where only a contemplative dog and a beautiful beach exist.

So, here’s a gallery featuring, well, dogs on the beach calmly contemplating life.

Gallery: Dogs On The Beach Calmly Contemplating Life

I wanted to keep the visual style impactful, but simple. So, I limited the color palette by defining specific colors in the Midjourney prompt, as well as using the descriptor “duotone.”

I doubt this will be my last foray into artwork inspired by dogs. I mean, they never stop being wonderful sources of entertainment. But for now, it’s time to get back to creating my first comic book, and posting more here at MidReality.

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