Episode 58: Power Up and Freak Out

A talk at the Linux App Summit about software sustainability — and the environmental impact of power-hungry code — was a shocking wake-up call that’s too important to ignore. Please give a warm welcome to the creator of that talk, KDE’s Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss.

In this brand new episode of Linux For Everyone, we discuss Joseph’s vital work with KDE Eco, and the path the project is forging to create a culture of software sustainability and inspire more power-efficient software. Our conversation might dramatically change how you think about the apps you use, and the potentially devastating ecological footprint of the software installed on millions — if not billions — of devices.

Joseph and I both hope this episode inspires more conversation and more awareness.To that end, here is a long list of resources and links to help you better understand the situation, and to get directly involved!

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