MIXTAPE | Rock Radar Vol. 3: Movements & Melodies

Welcome back to the best new music you’ve never heard! It’s been a minute since my last mixtape, but that doesn’t mean my insatiable thirst for the best new rock is ever quenched. During the last several months, I’ve fallen in love with 24 new gems from mainstream stalwarts like Foo Fighters and The Hives, and lesser known indie acts like Rockford and Sick Joy.

Rock Radar Vol. 3 represents my attempt to capture those in a time capsule of sorts, and sequence them in a way that takes you on an emotional journey.

Below you’ll find everything you need to enjoy Rock Radar Vol. 3 as loudly and enthusiastically as possible:

🎧 Rock Radar Vol. 3: Spotify Playlists

If you want to dive right in, just press play on these Spotify playlists, but be warned you’ll only hear the full tracks if you have Spotify Premium. Because these are meant to be enjoyed with the flow and timing of classic mixtapes, I’ve separated the playlists into Side A and Side B.

Stream Side A on Spotify
Stream Side B on Spotify

✅ Direct Downloads: Side A/B + Album Art + Tracklist

I’ve created digital mp3 files for each side of this mixtape. Each one features some light manual crossfading, and a custom EQ ideal for recording to tape. (I’m going to stop offering the J-Card PDFs, just because they’re time consuming to create and not many people download them. Instead, I’ll serve up all the assets you need to make your own, if desired.) Have fun!

Rock Radar , Side A (256k MP3)Download
Rock Radar , Side B (256k MP3)Download

🔗 Song.Link URLs: Rock Radar Vol. 3, Side A

Everyone has their favorite service, and I want you to enjoy this collection of tracks regardless what you’re using. So here are links to stream or buy every track on a number of streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, and Amazon.

  1. Foo Fighters: Rescued
  2. Inhaler: These Are The Days
  3. Rockford: Chains
  4. Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners: Wasted Times
  5. Overly: Effortless
  6. BRKN LOVE: Like A Drug
  7. Starcrawler: True
  8. Bomb Cats: Third Street Melody
  9. DIrty Honey: Heartbreaker 2.0
  10. Grade 2: Under The Streetlight
  11. The Crooks: I Wonder
  12. Dylan Fraser: Nightmare

🔗 Song.Link URLs: Rock Radar Vol. 3, Side B

  1. The Hives: Countdown To Shutdown
  2. Mammoth WVH: Another Celebration At The End Of The World
  3. Jesse Mac Cormack: All at Once
  4. Sick Joy: Turn Me Up
  5. Raised on TV: The Race
  6. Spanish Love Songs: Haunted
  7. One Armed Joey: Home Sick
  8. Movements: Fail You
  9. ANIIMALIA: Silver Linings
  10. Scowl: Psychic Dance Routine
  11. No Pressure: One Way Trip
  12. Bartees Strange: Daily News

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