Pop OS: The Linux Distro Movie Posters, Session 2

It’s absolutely fascinating to observe how AI might interpret the colors, mood, and overall “personality” of a Linux distribution. With the Arch Linux series, we got bold, monolithic imagery. Now I’ve turned my sights to System 76’s Pop OS, and the results are completely different!

These are so playful, so whimsical, and so colorful! Is the machine learning-powered AI picking up on the established space and robot themes in System 76’s marketing? Getting text cues from the new “Cosmic” desktop of Pop!_OS?

What’s with the poster that looks like a drunk Pixar artist designed it? Or the insanely cool Penguin with blue feathers and a giant blue eye?

Your guess is as good as mine. I just lead it gently towards the right artistic doorway.

Presented for your enjoyment, then: 5 fake Linux distro movie posters featuring Pop OS!

Click on each one to view larger and full resolution sizes. You’re also welcome to download them. If you share them, just show them MidReality.com.

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