I Asked An AI What Heaven Tastes Like, And Now I’m Hungry

After seeing those downright creepy and terrifying images of what Hell tastes like, you probably need a palette cleanser. Or, more accurately, some brain bleach to kill the memory forever. I’ve got the perfect solution: let’s see what Heaven tastes like!

As before, I asked AI to generate images of what Heaven tastes like. The results are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth! Your interpretation may vary, but I’m seeing a concentration of cotton candy clouds and scoops of ice cream, with just a touch of red berries and some drizzles of chocolate.

And how amazing are the faces in the clouds of image 5?

Click on each image in the gallery above to view larger and full resolution sizes. You’re also welcome to download them. If you share them on social, please tell them about MidReality.com and @MidReality on Twitter!

If you enjoy AI-generated art, I’m always open to suggestions! Just drop your idea in the comment section here!

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