Fedora: The Linux Distro Movie Posters, Session 3

There’s no stopping this train now! Coaxing AI to draw “fake movie posters” for Linux distributions has become an inescapable, enjoyable addiction. A rabbit hole within a rabbit hole, if you will. And today, we’re adding another friend to the lineup: Fedora!

We’ll get the most pressing question out of the way: was it possible to generate any posters without an actual fedora? You know, the iconic headwear, not the cool community-powered Linux distro. Erm, once or twice. It took some patience.

But, dear reader, you won’t be able to resist the stylish cuteness of randomly generated penguins donning a fedora.

I’m thrilled to present the new series of 9 “fake movie posters” for Fedora Linux. Untouched, these are exactly as the AI created them. With one exception: I’ve used GigaPixel to upscale them.

From noir to animation to comic-style panels, these are undeniably weird, but also undeniably awesome. My absolute favorite is the far right poster in the middle row. That it painted a heart on top of the fedora was an unexpected, magical little touch.

As always, just click each image in the gallery above to view each in full resolution. Feel free to download them, too. If you share any on social media, please point your friends to https://midreality.com and spread the AI-generated art love around.

And in case you missed the first two galleries in this series:

Sessions 1 & 2: Arch and Pop!_OS

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