Midjourney AI Lyric Gallery #1: “Brain Damage” by Pink Floyd

One of my first addictions after discovering Midjourney was generating artwork based on Pink Floyd lyrics. The Floyd’s frequently dark and descriptive imagery– especially on albums like Dark Side of the Moon — just lends itself perfectly to the artistic “personality” of Midjourney’s AI-generated art. (Especially when you sprinkle descriptors like “creepy” and “surrealism” into your prompts.)

My first finished project was this music video for Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage,” utilizing artwork inspired by every lyric from the song:

But the visuals admittedly fly by, and there’s barely enough time to soak them in. So, I wanted to present all 30+ pieces in their uncompressed, high-resolution glory here on MidReality.

Below is every image used in the music video, accompanied by a caption with the line that inspired it. You’ll also find the 7 “brain damage” backgrounds used throughout.

As always, just click the gallery thumbnails to view these awesome AI-generated pieces and download them. If you share them on the web, please point people to one of our many destinations, including YouTubeTikTokTwitter, and Facebook.

Do you have suggestions for future AI-generated creations? Just drop a comment or sound off on any of the above platforms.


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