Debian: The Linux Distro Movie Posters, Session 4

Coaxing AI to draw “fake movie posters” for Linux distributions has become an inescapable, enjoyable addiction. A rabbit hole within a rabbit hole, if you will. (Wallpapers are coming btw!) And today, we’re adding another friend to the lineup: Debian!

The venerable Debian distribution is nearly 30 years old, and has had a profound impact on Ubuntu, and subsequently every distro based on Ubuntu. Debian is the granddaddy, still actively developed. Still influential. And still standing proud among hundreds of clones.

So we present to you a collection of 10 fake movie posters for Debian. They touch multiple genres like noir, animated comedy, and disaster film.

Look for some hidden and not-so-hidden logos in these posters.

I hope you enjoy them! As always, they are untouched by editing software, but should be a large enough resolution for you to have some fun with them.

Just click each image in the gallery above to view each in full resolution. Feel free to download them, too. If you share any on social media, please point your friends to and spread the AI-generated art love around.

The Complete “Fake Movie Poster” Collection:

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